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Lydicare - Trust, Respect, Dignity

Are you or someone you know in need of a home help?

A smiling, trustworthy helping hand can go a long way!

From help with care & companionship to domestic cleaning, bed making, laundry and more, I’m willing and able to help you with all your needs.

I provide a professional and private service that ensures you always have the same helper,  to form strong bonds and a trusting relationship.

Lydicare - Helping Hands

Lydicare Services

It’s often a hard realisation that it’s that time in life to ask for a little help or support. It may just be for the occasional physical task, support with the more demanding housekeeping, some specific personal care, or help following a hospital discharge.

A regular visit could make all the difference, and it needn’t be as daunting as you may think.

Whatever your needs, Lydicare is here to help.

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Personal Support

1-1 support and companionship. Outside walking assistance or in home mobilising, helping your mind and your body health. Creative engagement, family contact & liaison assistance. Companionship and friendship with regular carers.

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Home Support

Cleaning, gardening, laundry. General support in and around the home and garden. Shopping and organisation of necessities. Help with bills and correspondence. Support with hobbies and interests, and total assistance for home lifestyle.
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Hygiene Support

Do you need a hand with bathing or showering? Toilet visits or bag changes? We understand this can be an embarrassing area so extra care and sensitivity is taken around our hygiene support as we appreciate that your dignity is paramount.
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Nutrition Support

We can prepare meals in your home, help you with meal preparation, deliver pre-cooked or ready made meals, or a combination of the all three. We can also help with food and diet plans to ensure your nutritional requirements are being met.

What Is Lydicare?

“The core skills needed to be a good carer can be outlined as; relatability, empathy, strong communication, and patience.”
Lydia Hughes, Founder

Having worked in many care homes for various agencies across the South of England, as well as caring in the community, I quickly came to realise these companies are not managed with care as the main concern.

I took a natural interest in learning about all different aspects of care and had the honour of working with some remarkable nurses, physiotherapists, members from the SALT team and some amazing care practitioners.

No-one seemed to have enough time to really ‘care’; whether it was understaffed shifts within care homes or always having to rush to the next appointment as a community carer, I didn’t feel we were given enough time to do properly what we love about this job; to care for those who need it.

So I decided to change that, and I’m offering a service where you will get a regular carer aligned to your needs, to build a relationship with you, and be given the time needed to ensure you are cared for.

Experienced in working with people with complex needs such as dementia, learning difficulties and high-risk patients recovering from hospital stays, I can provide all aspects of support for you and your loved ones.

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Lydicare: A New Way Of Caring 

24/7 tailored care service. Client Emergency Call-out. Same day appointments available. 

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